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This is the Kingmaker Trilogy

The Series America Needs to Read

Imagine a tech billionaire who possesses an algorithm with the ability to delve into the deepest recesses of your hopes, dreams, desires, and motivations. In the Kingmaker series, this algorithm is a chilling reality. Meet Jerry Neville, its owner.  He first uses it to win over a Hollywood girlfriend he could never attract on his own.


But then, the Chinese come knocking on his door. He owes them billions, and they're growing increasingly uneasy. They’ve been using Neville’s program. While it’s undeniably effective, it's not perfect. They’re tired of having to imprison dissidents for political offenses. That tarnishes their reputation on the world stage. They demand that Neville is clear: perfect the program or face ruin.


What unfolds is a bone-chilling tale in which a desperate  billionaire pushes innovation to its darkest extremes.

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About the Author

Ari Mendelson is an attorney, writer and father living in Tampa, Florida. He is the author of the new Kingmaker Trilogy as well as the satirical novel Bias Incident: the World's Most Politically Incorrect Novel.


You can find out more about him here

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Praise for The Kingmaker Series

"Consent is the first novel in lawyer Ari Mendelson's Kingmaker series. It is a contemporary political thriller that is quite bone chilling in its implications. Mendelson keeps up a brisk pace with several story lines that keep you wondering "What next?"


Mixed in are many of the author's observations about the trends that imperil 21st century America, such as education that mainly serves the needs of the government, journalism that kowtows to power, and the readiness of our rulers to use force to keep people in line.


If you fear that the U.S. is near the point of no return from which a recovery of our traditions of individual liberty and constitutional government will be impossible, Consent will only heighten your concern."

—George C. Leef, author of The Awakening of Jennifer Van Arsdale

Mr. Mendelson has woven a novel with the threads and yarn of today’s headlines. Perhaps some names were changed to protect the innocent and or the naïve, but there is no doubt there are people like Jerry Neville and Jonathan Hall in our country.


There can also be no doubt that the societal norms Mendelson describes as fluid are indeed are just that. His political characters voice thoughts that once were abhorrent and now accepted as commonplace.


I am not sure if the next part is to be witnessed live or between the covers of his sequel.

—Martin, on Consent

Remarkable! Another eye-opening page-turner, a must-read! In this 2nd book of he Kingmaker Series, Mendelson continues to weave a chilling narrative of a world ensnared by government control. With meticulous world-building and compelling characters, the author prompts us to reflect on the perils of authoritarianism.


A thought-provoking fusion of political intrigue and societal scrutiny, raising important questions about the delicate balance between order and individual liberty.

—Robert on Due Process

"I found Consent to be a very compelling and somewhat plausible story. Mendelson’s writing style is engaging with an attention to detail that kept me wanting to read more. His characters show both the dark underbelly of power and manipulation of some and the naivety of others.

The author’s deep understanding of world politics is evident in his realistic portrayal of our current political landscape.

I’m looking forward to reading the next installment of the Kingmaker series. I’m hooked!"


"Engage in a captivating journey through the heart of contemporary society as Mendelson skillfully weaves an intriguing narrative that effortlessly combines entertainment with profound contemplation. A masterful analysis of characters adds depth to this compelling tale, making it an irresistible page-turner.

Mendelson's work serves as a catalyst for a paradigm shift, prompting readers to reassess conventional assumptions and societal conventions in the realm of artificial intelligence, surveillance, individual rights, consent, data protection, privacy expectations, and related areas. With thought-provoking precision, he challenges readers to critically scrutinize their own stances on these pivotal issues and question everything you have been told to believe on these subjects.

Unveil a new realm of understanding as you immerse yourself in this eye-opening and transformative literary voyage. Not only does it captivate and entertain, but it also beckons readers to reexamine their viewpoints concerning artificial intelligence, surveillance, individual rights, consent, data protection, privacy expectations, and related areas, inviting them to embrace a renewed perspective.

—Rob, on Consent

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