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Due Process

Book Two of the Kingmaker Series

The Kingmaker adventure continues.


When billionaire Jerry Neville is unable to deliver the improved program he promised his Chinese creditors, he and his team concoct a clever alternative that is as unexpected as it is horrifying.

Undaunted by his arrest, Hall and his friends continue their investigation into Neville's web of influence, only to uncover unspeakable horrors.


They are joined by Jonás Perez, a young man groomed into joining Antira by his teacher at a vulnerable moment. Jonás is taught the true meaning of redemption by his boxing coach Father Gus, a former Marine sniper.


Kevin and Carolyn's relationship blossoms, but can it survive Mei Hua's devious charms?


Meghan wrestles with her own conflicted emotions as she struggles to come to terms with the true nature of her relationship with Neville.


In Due Process, the heart-stopping continuation of the Kingmaker Series, prepare to be enthralled by a riveting tale of courage, treachery, and the unyielding quest for justice.

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